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Our History


MassMutual and MML Investors Services
Ben Sarsozo and Integrated Investment Group associates with MassMutual Insurance and MML Investor Services, LLC , effective April 2017. 


Planning and RetireMapping Hybrid
Ben continued to refine the formal financial planning and RetireMapping services with a group of other experienced professionals in their respective disciplines.


Planning and RetireMapping Services
Ben added RetireMapping Services to assist clients in determining when their retirement door has opened and when it was prudent to activate various retirement resources. He also used his services to help his clients pace themselves both mentally and physically as they worked toward their retirement exit point.


PERA and Pension Portability
Ben began research and study on the benefits of purchasing service credit with PERA and other Pension plans around the country. This research project became the stepping stone to the RetireMapping services that has emerged as the foundational service Integrated Investment Group provided to this day.


VSR Financial Services, Inc.
Ben began his relationship with VSR as his Broker Dealer.


Integrated Investment Group
Ben formed Integrated Investment Group. He continued to expand his services to meet the growing needs of his clients.


Mutual Funds, VA’s and Asset Management Services Added
Ben expanded his product offering to assist clients with their advanced financial needs.


Northern Life (ING)
Ben moved to Northern Life as an independent representative. This switch was the catalyst to the development of nearly all of the services that clients constantly seek out to this day.


United Resources (MetLife Resources)
Ben was recruited into the Financial Services industry through United Resources which was later acquired by MetLife Resources. The focus was providing financial services to the educator marketplace. 


ATN – American Telemedia Network
Ben began working with ATN, an advertising startup managing a 7 state region. The focus was in providing cutting edge electronic advertising to shopping mall tenants and out side retail establishments.


World Wide Group
Ben began working with his first coaching system. World Wide Group still has a powerful mission statement: Our Mission: To provide opportunity, education, training, motivation, and the environment to succeed through a Free Enterprise System. To encourage a life of excellence with “No Regrets” while partnering with associates around the world who are also building their own personal businesses and achieving their dreams. To impact our generation and the generations to come with the truth that God created us for greatness.