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360º Business Planning Roadmap

360º Business Planning Roadmaps

Most business executives are very busy working in their business. Let us help with the critical elements of working on your business. What are the problems faced by business owners? What is the true value of the business and where is it headed? What type of succession plan is most appropriate and how can it be funded? Are there outdated or unfunded agreements? Is a succession plan trustee needed?

Business Valuations

Do you know how much your ownership interest in your business is currently worth? When was the last time you checked? You probably have a reasonable “guesstimate” of the value of your holdings, in case you ever decide to sell. However, that will not be enough if you want to establish future financial security for yourself, your family and your business. To plan properly, you need an accurate figure on the value of your holdings.

Funding Alternatives - Business Transition Mistakes

Perhaps the most common reason for these mistakes is that the buy-sell agreement is designed as “one size fits all.” Different types of ownership arrangements and relationships present different problems and require different solutions. Each of these types presents a unique set of problems requiring a unique set of solutions. Please ask about the Ten Business Transition Mistakes to avoid:

Succession Structure Strategies

  1. Does the business have a Succession Plan that assures continuity of the enterprise, allocation of ownership as desired, and the full amount of cash needed for that event?
  2. Does the Succession Plan reduce income and estate taxes, and is it coordinated with the will and trusts established to care effectively for all family members?
  3. Are there Incentive Plans in place to provide the rewards needed by key employees and prevent them being “poached” by competitors?

Loan Cancellation Strategies

Are all Business Loans (from the founder, family members, or a bank) repaid swiftly in order to avoid default and foreclosure?

Two Warnings! More often than not, signing business loan paperwork causes the business owner to give up their right to "Notice" and "Court Trial.", and, "Judgement" may be taken against the business owner without their prior knowledge.